Calf Herd ID: 
*Name Of Animal:
*Percentage Purebred:
*Date Calved:
*Calving Ease:
*Type Of Calf:
*Points Color:
*Body Color:
*Poll Status:
*Left Ear Tattoo:
*Right Ear Tattoo:
Actual Birth Weight (in whole pounds):
Actual Birth Height (in whole inches):
Actual Weaning Weight:
Date of Weaning Weight:
Weaning Management Code:
Actual Yearling Weight:
Date of Yearling Weight:
*Dam's Name:
*Dam Registration ID:
Dam Purebred Percentage:
*Sire's Name:
*Sire's Registration ID:
Sire's Purebred Percentage:
*Transfer On Entry:
*Owner Member ID:
*New Owner:
*Date Of Sale:
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